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Truck Engine-Makers Following Car-Makers’ Downsizing Lead?

Back in the 60’s, Chevy’s “350” (350 cubic inch or 5.7L displacement V-8) engine was one of the most common engines on the market. During ...
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International Roadcheck Coming; What’s Stopping You?

The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance annual International Roadcheck (June 7-9) will focus on tire safety this year. Tires are an under-appreciated part of any vehicle’s safety ...
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Autonomous-Braking Will Save Lives; So Says Univ. Michigan Study

While ELDs are controversial at best, here’s some tech that isn’t necessarily cheap but will be effective; autonomous-braking. Jason Cannon has an article at CCJdigital.com highlighting ...
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Todd Dills has an interesting column (Overdrive.com) and link to short film by Mel Films on the Japanese “Dekotora” culture, which is basically the Japanese equivalent ...
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The Owner-Operator Independent Driver’s Association (OOIDA) filed a lawsuit to block the FMCSA’s Electronic Logging Device (ELD) mandate. The OOIDA contends that the ELD mandate violates ...
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Fighting Perceptions with Facts

Kudos to our colleagues at Martin Transportation Services. Our industry is an incredibly safe industry. But despite that statistical truth the perception is that we ...
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Another One Bites the Dust; an Industry Rant

The recent VW diesel emissions-cheating scandal is an interesting metaphor for our industry. Depending on your political views and/or your views on the automobile industry, ...
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Daimler Truck Leading Us to Autonomy?

Daimler Trucks announced an ambitious plan recently to greatly increase vehicle-to-vehicle connectivity and cooperative autonomy. Jeff Crissey of CCJ shares many of their impressive goals in ...
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