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In this space we will introduce various topics in our trucking industry that relate to you, our customer. We want to you to be well-informed and aware of how these changes affect you and how we can best help you.

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Emissions Goals and Efficiency Standards

Jason Cannon of CCJ has a fantastic article posted today about the EPA’s next phase of regulations. He does an amazing job of highlighting some new ...
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FMCSA to Allow Mexican Inspections; What’s Next?

The FMCSA just announced that they are accepting Mexican inspection standards. The Mexican standards have been recently published by their Secretary of Communication and Transportation (Secretaría ...
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Electric Trucks; Game-changing Technology?

In 1996 General Motors made the GM EV1 available for sale (or at least for lease). It was one of, if not the first, fully ...
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Driver Fatigue & Appropriate Regulation; What Works?

Back on Feb. 10 I wrote about a trucking accident where the driver had been awake for 35 hours and had falsified his driver logs. Todd Dills has ...
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Are You Ready for the New Food Safety Rules?

Sean Kilcarr has a great article over at FleetOwner.com discussing the upcoming new rules regarding food shipments and/or “reefer” trailer regulations. These new regulations are set to ...
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Treat the Drivers Well?

At Zion Transport, we are amazed and baffled by how some of our competitors treat drivers (either their own drivers or how brokers treat drivers ...
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Target, Garbage Disposals, & Your Supply Chain

Target recently announced that their supply chain was part of their sales problem in 2015. And they announced that were spending $2-2.5billion to ramp up supply ...
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Al Gore and How the FMCSA Saves Lives

Apparently, without the FMCSA, we’d still be driving horse and buggies, rocks would still be soft, and our life expectancy would be something like 45 ...
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