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Corporate Headquarters

San Diego, CA

Company Size

8 Employees | 50 Drivers
15 U.S. locations


Zion Transport is one of the leading shipping companies with headquarters based in San Diego, CA. With an experience of nearly two decades, our diverse, woman-owned business is at the forefront of the shipping industry because we service all 52 states by road, rail, air, and sea and have over 50 contractors across the country.

Whether your shipments are nationwide or regional, we ensure that anything you need shipped gets transported as efficiently, cost-effectively, safely, securely and quickly as possible with our customized transport solutions.

Over the last two decades, we have been providing the following services to industries across the United States:


Zion Transport was initiated to provide better working conditions to truckers in the US and around the globe. Our drivers are appreciated, well taken care of, and proudly claim that they work for Zion Transport. They are provided with a healthy work-life balance and have the flexibility to choose where they want to travel. We believe that creating a healthy workplace is crucial for a business’s success, which in turn yields customer satisfaction. We value every client and believe that transparency and responsiveness are the keys to a long-lasting relationship with our customers, which is why every client is provided with an accounts manager who updates them at every stage of the shipping process.

Our services are actively provided in the following locations:
Our logistic experts have also devised a solution to prevent any problems that mainly occur during shipments. Our ‘Zion Guarantee’ is based on verifying all shipment details at every stage of the shipment process by involving all parties involved, including buyer, seller, and ourselves. This affirms our client’s faith in us as they know that their shipment is in good hands. Our slogan is, ‘Powered by People, Driven by Passion. We are proud to say we have a large clientele from the following industries:

Our slogan, ‘Powered by People, Driven by Passion,’ was created for a specific purpose. Zion Transport was established with a primary objective to change the lives of people. Lives of not only our valued customers, but also truck drivers in the US and the rest of the world. Drivers who work for logistics companies in San Diego and other states have to do so under poor conditions. In nearly two decades, Zion Transport has impacted the lives of countless truck drivers around the world by ensuring they are working in a healthy, safe environment.


At Zion we believe an outstanding team-best achieves quality services, and that is why we believe that our drivers are the lifeline of our business.

Driver Safety

At Zion Transport, our priority is driver safety. We provide adequate rest to ensure our drivers are not overworked and safe on the roads.

One Team

Being a part of a universal team is what we are all about at Zion Transport. Owner Operators, dedicated drivers or carriers are all part of the same team.

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