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No Substitute for Experience

I lived in Oregon from age 10 to just after my 16th birthday. Knowing we were getting ready to move, I didn’t get my license until ...
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It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, No, It’s SuperTruck!

SuperTruck II is upon us. In the first SuperTruck program, the DOE set a goal of 50% increase of efficiency in ton-mile-per-gallon basis. The three teams involved achieved ...
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Drivers’ Pay & Rest; 1 Standard or 50?

As usual, James Jallet has a great piece over at Commercial Carrier Journal (CCJ) where he writes about creating a provision in the work-in-progress FAA bill that ...
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Is the Vehicle Mile Tax a Good Idea?

George Herbert Walker Bush was elected president after he chanted, “No new taxes!” at the Republican convention back in 1988. Later in his presidency, when ...
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CDs, Insurance, Autonomous Trucking, and the ROI

Twenty-five to thirty years ago, when I was still in high school, compact disks had just started gaining traction in the marketplace. As that was ...
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Dashboard Cams & Scams; Protect Yourself!

I love our country. I hate our country. Yeah, I know… I love the opportunities we have. I love that we give liberally whenever there’s ...
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Rockslides and Other Safety Hazards

Truck drivers pick up a lot of loads on Thursdays and Fridays and drive over the weekends. So if you’re sharing the road with some ...
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Who Is Regulating the Regulators?

Congress, in passing the FAST Act a few months ago, may have inadvertently killed the “34 hour restart rule” Apparently, and according to CCJDigital.com, The restart-specific ...
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