Nikola One Puts Truck Manufactures on Notice

A few years ago the auto industry was fumbling about with electric car technology, wondering why people would want unattractive cars with limited range and little functionality. Then Tesla came along and flipped the industry on its head.

Tesla has done with electric vehicle manufacturing what Nikola wants to do in the truck manufacturing world.

Jason Cannon of CCJDigital.com has a great piece profiling Nikola Motor Company’s prototype, the Nikola One.

The Nikola One is reportedly pumping out more than 2000hp and 3700 ft. lbs. of torque. And while the vehicle does have a fuel-powered engine, a turbine, its sole purpose is to recharge the batteries. With this setup Nikola claims the One can travel (under load) more than 1200 miles.

Additionally, while batteries and all are heavy, they’re actually lighter than the diesel engine/powertrain components. So while the One is made to tow 80,000 lbs. like a traditional class 8 tractor, it weighs less and can thus haul more goods than its diesel-powered competitors.

There is a lot of other great features Cannon discusses and you can also check out Nikola’s own website.

The Nikola One is an exciting development for the industry.

Thanks for reading.

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