Bendix Creates Wingman Fusion; Good Idea or Useless Technology?

Bendix recently released their Wingman Fusion system. I try to be consistent in my praise for safety systems and/or rules that I believe will actually help increase the safety of our industry’s drivers and of those with whom we share the road.

As such, I’m pleased to advocate for this system. The system combines, or “fuses” video-camera, radar, and braking systems to help drivers avoid accidents and can/will automate the braking system to slow or stop the truck when a vehicle or object is spotted in the truck’s path.

I am torn on the Electronic Logging Devices (ELD). I believe that those drivers who ignore current hours-of-service rules will be able to find a way to circumvent the ELD systems to drive more hours than is legally allowed. Additional rules rarely, if ever, solve problems. And technology is great but it has to be used correctly. A while back someone combined two gadgets to create a digital mouse scale. I mean, sure, one could create that, but why would you want to?

Bendix, however, has combined technologies to create a system that will actually help us all. They have created a product that helps the truck driver, the fleet owner, and helps the unaware driver sharing the roads and highways.

Kudos for Bendix for their Wingman Fusion. I hope this product helps move their company forward.

Thanks for reading.

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