Daimler Truck Leading Us to Autonomy?

Daimler Trucks announced an ambitious plan recently to greatly increase vehicle-to-vehicle connectivity and cooperative autonomy. Jeff Crissey of CCJ shares many of their impressive goals in an article posted earlier this week.

Daimler’s leadership towards increased truck autonomy is reminiscent of their automobile company’s leadership in safety 25-30 years ago…at that time air bags, as safety devices, were being introduced but with much hang-wringing and controversy. The airbags were inflated using what amounted to a bullet cartridge facing the driver. The accident would “trigger” the cartridge and ignite the gunpowder. But instead of firing a bullet, the gunpowder’s explosion would inflate the air bag prior to the driver’s face hitting the steering wheel.

This led to much debate as to whether air bags were safe or actually counter-productive and thereby further endangering the driver. Mercedes Benz ignored the hand-wringing and installed air bags in all their cars. The debate subsided and airbag safety devices are now mandated in all cars.

I wonder now if Daimler Truck’s leadership will be the same sort of pivotal movement in autonomous truck technology.

Have a great Resurrection Sunday weekend.

Thanks for reading and be safe out there.

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