Truck Engine-Makers Following Car-Makers’ Downsizing Lead?

Back in the 60’s, Chevy’s “350” (350 cubic inch or 5.7L displacement V-8) engine was one of the most common engines on the market. During the 1970’s fuel crunch, Chevy’s venerable V-8 netted only 145 HP. Today Chevy makes a 2.0L turbocharged inline-4 cylinder engine that makes 250 horsepower.

Around 1995 the gas prices started rising and as the “War on Terror” post 9/11/2001 kicked off prices increased dramatically again. Car makers responded with hybrids and turbocharging smaller displacement engines.

In the heavy-duty truck world, diesel engines are already turbocharged but gains in efficiencies are now allowing engine-makers such as Cummins, Navistar, and others to build smaller-displacement engines that still meet their customers’ needs.

Fleetowner.com posted an interesting article about this phenomena. Make sure to check it out.

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