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Experienced Drivers; Expense or Asset?

I was in the car sales industry for a few years. And we used to joke that the hiring process basically amounted to a pulse-check…. …

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The Big Fish & the Little Fish

The Great Divide…in the trucking industry you’ve got the big boys and you’ve got the little guys. The big boys would love to have a …

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FMCSA Hosts Roundtable to Discuss Bad Brokers

The FMCSA is holding a roundtable to discuss, “property broker’s and freight forwarder’s ability to meet their payment obligations to carriers,” as CCJDigital.com reports. This is …

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Truck Driving & Mental Health

The Marlboro Man, John Wayne, Clint Eastwood as Dirty Harry, the star quarterback, the ace pitcher…we men have these idols; guys who stand alone – …

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FMCSA’s Darling Rides with Owner-Op

I applaud acting FMCSA Administrator T. F. Scott Darling, III and his ride-along. I have been critical of many of the FMCSA’s actions over the …

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California, Truck-Drivers, and Waiting Tables; The Law of Unintended Consequences

Philosophy is so interesting to me. I love the various philosophical or metaphysical laws and try to live by them. When I think of changes …

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Greater Trailer Capacity; an Inevitability?

Various groups in the trucking world are clamoring for and against greater length and/or weight capacity allowances from the DOT and the federal government. It’s probably obvious, …

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Disc Brakes; The Obvious Mandate – the one the Govt. Fails to Make

Disc brakes stop vehicles shorter. Unfortunately, however, their wear life is also shorter. They are also more expensive… Continuing with the theme from Wednesday, we’re …

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