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Zion Transport has grown to be one of the largest, most trusted shipping companies in San Diego. Providing reliable transport solutions for all industries across America - whether by road, rail, sea or air.

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Our diverse range of transport solutions:

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Logistics forms an integral part of the global supply chain, and whether you are a sole proprietor or running a large-scale business, having a quality, trustworthy transportation provider is as essential to your business as an excellent product is. With its inception in 2003, Zion Transport has grown into one of the largest, most trusted shipping companies in San Diego, and the title of being one of the best trucking companies San Diego has is one that we gained through tremendous hard work. At Zion Transport, we understand the need for responsiveness, alertness, and transparency in the shipment industry, therefore, we value all our customers’ business and realize that an efficient, responsible shipping team can take a business a long way. Our freight forwarder San Diego business owners rely on, has been extensively trained to efficiently handle, manage, and deliver all kinds of products. It does not matter if it is fragile or heavy-duty equipment that you want to be delivered – our San Diego shipping team is at your service, caring for your freight at all times as it gets shipped via land, rail, air, or sea.

Our slogan, ‘Powered by People, Driven by Passion,’ was created for a specific purpose. Zion Transport was established with a primary objective to change the lives of people. Lives of not only our valued customers, but also truck drivers in the US and the rest of the world. Drivers who work for logistics companies in San Diego and other states have to do so under poor conditions. In nearly two decades, Zion Transport has impacted the lives of countless truck drivers around the world by ensuring they are working in a healthy environment.

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Zion Transport provides rail, road, air, and sea transport services across all 52 states. The valuable experience we have gained by working with all industries including hospitality, furniture, construction machinery & materials, fresh produce, restaurant equipment, solar energy, health and beauty, and countless more, has equipped us with resources to become one of the largest freight companies San Diego has. We are aware that shipments and transportation incur 60% of a company’s total operational costs, and with over 50 contractors, we have a streamlined system that helps us provide all our transportation services at competitive rates. While most logistics companies in San Diego and around the country are known for charging high rates, our goal is to put you at ease and ensure that your business succeeds. Safeguarding your products and making sure they reach their final destination on time is our priority, and we play our part in your business’ success by charging minimal rates while still guaranteeing a seamless shipping San Diego business owners can experience.

We retain our title as the fastest-growing shipping company in San Diego by encompassing a wide range of shipment services. They include:

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Carriers that provide reliable Full Truck load (TL) services are as essential to a business as a good product since they are responsible for standardized packaging, storing goods in the correct environment, and safely delivering them to the right location time. We give customers our triple confirm guarantee assuring them that every unit of their valuable commodity is well-taken care of by every party involved in the shipment process. Our Full Truck Load trucks are meticulously maintained, and our team is trained to efficiently load and unload the commodities while ascertaining that not a single unit is damaged in the process.

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Zion Transport has emerged as one of the leading California LTL carriers for providing unrivaled Less than a Truckload service. We accomplish this by hiring only the best and training them to handle your goods efficiently. You no longer have to pay for the whole truck when you only have a few goods that need to be transported. With our Less than a Truckload service, you only have to pay for the space occupied by your commodities. We realize that LTL service is valuable to small and medium business owners. That is why our goal is to provide quality services at the most reasonable rates, unlike any California LTL Carriers.

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A dry van is one of the oldest, most significant shipment modes used in the transportation industry. They are indispensable to the global retail and consumer industry since nearly all non-perishable goods rely on dry vans for transportation. Our 53′ dry vans are used to ship manufactured goods, household goods, cleaning commodities, and automotive equipment. We ensure that you stay updated on your goods’ current position and guarantee to deliver them on time. Our dedicated team is committed to verifying the accuracy of the weight of goods, their type, and all relevant details while your goods are aboard our dry van to assure there is no space for mistakes left. 

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Flatbed freight forms an integral part of the shipping industry because of its ability to transport heavy-duty equipment efficiently. At Zion Transport, we realize your heavy-duty equipment is a valuable asset to your business. Therefore, we only use the strongly-built, well-maintained Flatbeds to transport your commodities that can weigh up to 12,000 pounds. We prioritize safety and protection over profits, and that is how we assure that your goods easily reach their destination. Our flatbed freight drivers undergo stringent training sessions to flawlessly haul and drive the equipment to its destination without causing any delays.

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Refrigerated Trucks or Reefers are crucial to the modern shipping industry. It is more important now than ever to conveniently ship perishable goods, including pharmaceuticals, food, and chemicals, over long distances without having to worry about their perishability or loss. Zion Transport has adopted a streamlined refrigerated transportation process that allows us to deliver goods on time, specifically as they are demanded. We ensure that all commodities are packaged according to regulatory standards and also use innovative software that enables us to give you a flat rate for our refrigerated transportation services, so you know precisely what you are paying for.

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Decades of experience in the intermodal logistics industry have helped us provide reasonable and quality rail and intermodal services to our valuable customers. Hiring experts from all transportation modes, including rail, road, sea, and air, has allowed us to develop a streamlined intermodal logistics system to ship your goods on time, safely, and accurately. Using the ideal combination of any of the four modes of transportation enables us to provide cost-effective solutions to all your shipment problems. At Zion Transport, we guarantee safety because our team works with dedication and rigor to ensure that your goods are delivered without any danger of their damage or loss. 

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We provide same-day, overnight, and expedited transportation services to our clients for their urgent needs. Running a retail business calls for ensuring that shipments reach their destination as soon as needed, and our expedited transportation services guarantee that. We value your business and realize the importance of a reliable shipping carrier that can fulfill your last-minutes demands and make running your business simpler for you. Our values of transparency, quality assurance, and reliability enable us to leave no stone unturned when it comes to providing you with the best shipment services, when you need them and where you need them.

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Working with one of the most trusted and experienced heavy haul carriers guarantees you will never have to fret about the safety of your heavy equipment. At Zion Transport, our team is trained to handle heavy-duty equipment efficiently, ensuring it is not damaged at any cost. Our experienced heavy haul drivers perform all necessary pre-trip checks to ensure the vehicle carrying up to 34,000 pounds runs smoothly even over long distances. We provide exceptional third-party logistics services at reasonable rates to ensure your business runs smoothly. We take responsibility for storing, picking, packaging, and postage your commodities, and as one of the leading 3PL and heavy haul carriers, we ensure it is all done correctly.

Cost-Effective Solutions

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At Zion Transport, our qualified and resourceful team ensures that any of your product that needs to be transported gets shipped in the most efficient way possible. Our shipping company San Diego team provides the most cost-effective solutions to all your shipment problems by giving you the information you need. Our logistics experts analyze your needs and demands in order to accordingly point you in the right direction. Once you get in touch with your personal accounts manager at Zion Transport, you can lie back and relax, knowing that your business is in good hands.
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24/7 Customer Service

Service You Can Rely On
We’re available 24/7 for your convenience and peace of mind. Think of us as your headache-prevention partner! Our San Diego Shipping Company was founded with the sole objective of providing quality and reliable services, that is why we offer 24/7 customer service to ensure that all of our customer's inquiries are promptly responded to, and all their needs are instantly met.
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The Zion Promise

Our Guarantee To You
Our logistics experts have devised an innovative ‘The Zion Promise’ that guarantees efficient freight forwarding. Having this resourceful system in place has ensured that all product details are verified at every stage of the shipment process, and all three parties involved in a shipment are on the same page. As a result, we can prevent any mishaps with the shipment that would otherwise have taken place. ‘The Zion Promise’, along with our skilled, experienced, and competent San Diego shipping team, ensures smooth and timely delivery of your product.
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The only shipping company I ever use. Highly recommend if you’re looking for affordable freight with outstanding service.

Edward Jacobs

The Staff at Zion Transport are awesome.  Their team has really helped our business succeed and reduce significant overhead costs.  Anytime we need some hand holding on our shipments or a problem arises, they are there to make sure it is taken care of!

Madison Ortiz

Great customer service. Received a call the day before to ask if there were any special instructions. Received a call one hour before shipment arrived. Driver was courteous and professional. Did a great job unloading where I needed him to. I would highly recommend Zion Transport!

Samantha Carter

We realize that it can be hard to choose a suitable carrier for your business, especially when there is a large pool of freight companies in San Diego. Selecting the right one can make a world of difference in your business, efficiency, cost-effectiveness, overall success, and profitability. We realize that this can be a daunting task, which is why we are here to make this process simpler for you.

At Zion Transport, we drive to simplify your world, and that is why we believe that choosing a suitable working space is essential to provide exceptional shipping services. We are strategically located in San Diego CA, where our entire team cordially administers a flawless shipping experience. There is ample working space to follow a step-by-step procedure to store, manage, package, label correctly, and deliver shipments per state laws and permits.

The Top Rated Shipping Company in San Diego, California

Zion Transport is located at 8710 Sherwood Terrace, San Diego, CA, 92154. From Brown Field Municipal Airport (SDM) take Continental St to Otay Mesa Rd and head west on Continental St. Turn left to stay on Continental St . Continental St turns right and becomes Boeing St. Turn left onto Cactus Rd and turn left at the 1st cross street onto Otay Mesa Rd. Continue on Piper Ranch Rd to your destination and use the left lane to turn left onto Piper Ranch Rd. Turn left onto Approach Rd and turn left toward Chaparral View Terrace. Turn right onto Chaparral View Terrace then left onto Santiago Ridge Way. Turn left onto Mesa Point Terrace then turn right and right again. Zion Transport will be on your left.

We are open 24/7.

For additional questions, you can call us at (844) 236-7760 or you can find us on Yelp.

Frequently Asked Questions

Given the multitude of service providers, finding the right option can be tough. Before selecting a trucking company for your business or home’s shipping needs, you need to start by asking pointed questions. To get insights into some of the services you’re considering, ask the following questions:
  • What’s your experience in this line of business?
  • Can you provide a list of references?
  • What is your pricing model?
  • Do you invest in your employees?
  • How extensive is your network?
  • What kind of shippers do you offer?

Consider starting with an experienced trucking company like Zion Transport. Experience implies a company has the industry know-how and can easily plan to avert a wide range of issues that might crop up in shipping.

An ideal company also values its customers and employees. Exceptional customer service puts customers at ease by attending to their needs and addressing concerns promptly. Such a trucking company promotes confidence in their business as customers know they can bank on them for any shipment they might have.

Zion Transport delivers wherever you need your products or items. Our idea is to use the most efficient route to get a shipment to its intended destination in the most cost-effective way possible. We also ensure we do this safely and securely.

We select the best route based on traffic and other factors. Whether you need expedited delivery or long-distance service, we optimize our delivery routes to ensure you get your shipment when you expect it.

We involve multiple parties to ensure coverage across the U.S. by road, rail, air, or sea. Our customized solutions provide timely intermodal deliveries to avoid additional charges.

A truckload is anything over 20 pallets or 30,000 lbs.
It is safe to drive next to a truck, however, we advise not to drive next to or behind a truck.
You can fit 26 standard-size pallets.
Depends on State’s speed limit, weather, and traffic. Normally, a truck can run 550-650 miles per day.
A truck can handle 40,000-45,000 lbs in weight.
Most commercial trailers are 48 or 53 feet long.
A driver will unload cargo upon request. Most freight is driver no-touch. Normally, the consignee is responsible for unloading the freight off the truck.
Yes, as long as it is properly and securely loaded.
We focus on transporting dry freight. Most produce requires a reefer trailer.
We mostly haul, dry freight. -Paper products -Solar panels -Food Products -Office Supplies -Construction Material -Clothing, Shoes and Apparel -Hotel and Hospitality -Paper Products -Furniture -Small Appliances -Department Store supplies
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