FMCSA Hosts Roundtable to Discuss Bad Brokers

The FMCSA is holding a roundtable to discuss, “property broker’s and freight forwarder’s ability to meet their payment obligations to carriers,” as CCJDigital.com reports.

This is a big issue. Freight brokers are a dime a dozen. When I talk with perspective customers about utilizing our carrier/brokerage services I am frequently met by outward hostility. And it’s understandable. In any business when the barriers to entry are too low, it allows people to get into the business and make a mess without having the ability to clean it up. And in our industry there are far too many bad brokerages.

That’s why we take pride, here at Zion Transport, in going the extra mile…not just for our customers, but for our drivers. We understand that it is the drivers who shake our customers’ hands and the hands of their (your) customers. It is the drivers we are all relying upon to deliver the goods on time. It is the drivers who are taking on the physical risks of driving alongside under-trained, inexperienced drivers (the vast majority of truck drivers drive much safer than those of us in passenger vehicles, but that’s another story). And as such the drivers deserve all the respect and all the assistance we can afford them.

So as a carrier/brokerage who is doing things the right way, we welcome the scrutiny in our industry. When the “bad guys” are swept aside, we’ll still be standing here ready to serve our customers and ready to work with some of the most professional men and women in the country.

If you need a carrier/brokerage you can trust, please give Zion a call today.

Thanks for reading.

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