FMCSA’s Darling Rides with Owner-Op

I applaud acting FMCSA Administrator T. F. Scott Darling, III and his ride-along. I have been critical of many of the FMCSA’s actions over the history of this blog. But there is simply nothing to fault for his actions here.

Darling went out on the road with an owner-operator, Leo Wilkins, to see how FMCSA’s rules and mandates affect drivers and road-safety. This linked blog-post is written by Darling, and in it he highlights some of the things he learned along the way. One “…growing challenge facing truck drivers is the need for more safe parking,” Darling wrote.

Additionally, he highlighted the skill of Wilkins.

During our trip, I gained a greater appreciation of the skill needed to drive a commercial motor vehicle (CMV). Leo’s 47 years of CMV driving experience proved invaluable as he expertly  operated his truck on highly-traveled roads and interstates, even as he encountered multiple situations of vehicles being operated  erratically near his truck. Leo anticipated unsafe maneuvers by drivers and avoided possible collisions – unbeknownst to those drivers and others on the road with us.

Again, I applaud Darling for agreeing to get out of D.C. and be willing to ride along with those who feel firsthand the effects of his pen-strokes.

Thanks for reading.

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