No Substitute for Experience

I lived in Oregon from age 10 to just after my 16th birthday. Knowing we were getting ready to move, I didn’t get my license until after the move. From Oregon we moved to central California. When we got to California I went in to the DMV to get my license only to find out that both Driver Education and Driver’s Training courses were required prior to testing for a license.

Well my dad had already taught me to drive. When we lived in Oregon and while I had my driver’s permit, our family took a lot of short trips (to see family near where we lived or for my dad’s work). And whenever I was in the car, my dad had me driving so I could learn under his tutelage. By the time we got to California my dad and I estimated that I had already driven 10,000 miles.

When I finally got around to taking Driver’s Training, the instructor acknowledged my experience and basically tested me as if I had completed his course rather than making me start from square one.

I tell that personal story because I noticed an article on CCJDigital.com about an upcoming DOT rule that mandates CDL candidates logging 30 hours of behind the wheel training prior to receiving their CDL. There is just no substitute for experience. What makes a good painter? Painting. What makes a good writer? Writing. What makes a good carpenter? Woodworking. So it is with driving as well. I don’t mind the 30 hour regulation, in fact, I think it should be 50 hours.

The rule will become final three years after its final version is published in the Federal Register.

Thanks for reading.

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