Treat the Drivers Well?

At Zion Transport, we are amazed and baffled by how some of our competitors treat drivers (either their own drivers or how brokers treat drivers who contract with them). Our owner started out in logistics as a freight broker. And she saw how many companies treated drivers; nickel and diming them, belittling, etc. Additionally, she had family members who were truck drivers. She knew she could do better. She knew the drivers deserved better.

So when she started her own carrier/brokerage she did so knowing she wanted to treat drivers fairly. We recognize that it is the drivers who shake your employees’ hands. You might speak to one of us on the phone but it is the drivers who look you in the eye. And they are the ones who interact with your customers; who shake their hands.

Every carrier, every brokerage will tell you they provide great customer service. And I bet most of them do. But how many carrier/broker reps will shake hands with your customers?

The Bible says we should treat others as we want to be treated. So we make a point of treating drivers well; of giving them the resources they need. And in that we aim to help the drivers – you know, the ones actually carrying the freight – serve you and your customers the way you desire.

If this sounds appealing to you, please give Zion a call today.

Thanks for reading.

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