Technology Is About More Than Regulation

In the past several years, in our industry, we’ve been noticing a rapid infusion (invasion?) of technology. And our industry has never been highly technologically dependent. And many want to keep it that way. The perception is often that the latest technology isn’t here to help the driver but to regulate the driver. And that makes adoption and/or acceptance of technology daunting.

Aaron Huff, in his Commercial Carrier Journal article, highlights some technology that isn’t about regulating the driver (or his truck) but more about helping him (or her) do the work more efficiently. Whether it’s trucks connected to data networks so they can bypass weigh-stations or prepay toll roads across their multi-state routes, or interconnected vehicles on the road communicating with each other to help their drivers avoid accidents, technology can improve our industry.

I’m not going to lie, safety and regulation will always be a motivating factor for those developing and implementing technology but it’s cool to see technology drivers (pun fully intended) working with truck drivers to help them do their jobs more efficiently and effectively as well.

Thanks for reading.

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