DeLorenzo Acknowledges “Messy” Period; SNL Worthy?

I don’t remember if it was a Saturday Night Live skit or some cliché/joke, but I remember a comedian or someone saying, “Now let me teach you how to program this device. It just takes 14 easy steps….” As if any of us were going to remember 14 steps.

FleetOwner.com’s Aaron Marsh has an article highlighting the speech by FMCSA Director of Compliance and Enforcement, Joe DeLorenzo, at the Omnitracs Outlook conference. In the article Marsh breaks down DeLorenzo’s talk about electronic data logs (ELDs) and the upcoming “messy” transition period. The comical part of it is, there are 8 points.

I do want to highlight this. If you or your fleet are lagging in terms of compliance with the ELD mandate, start getting educated. While I will acknowledge that the systems are far from perfect, I will also point out that these ELDs will provide transparency to highlight that most truck drivers are driving safely and staying on top of their rest and down time. They will provide proof of compliance if you or your driver ever have hours of service questioned.

Thanks for reading.

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