California: The Worst Trucking State Ever!

Material Handling & Logistics (MH&L) released its Best and Worst States for Trucking Industry for 2016.

They list their top and bottom 5. They don’t talk about each state in the article, it’s more of a slide show than an article. They do talk, briefly, about how they came to their rankings:

[Darrin Landau and his company, Merchant Cash USA, an alternative financing company] surveyed 3,287 individuals involved in the trucking industry to find out where they thought the best and the worst states to be a trucker or own a trucking company were. The survey included asking questions such as cost of parking overnight, certain fees/regulations in particular states, if location in the U.S. mattered, and how friendly states were to drivers.

Unsurprisingly, a couple northeast corridor states, New Jersey and Massachusetts were among the worst. Equally unsurprising, Texas and Oklahoma were among the best. I was a little surprised that my home state, California was ranked the worst overall. I know it is more heavily regulated than other states but I thought that since so much trucking freight is generated here we might be let off the hook. Nope.

The survey seems more like one that’s made from driver perceptions rather than one made from statistical facts but even so, it’s an interesting look, from drivers’ point of view, as to the best and worst states in the nation.

Thanks for reading.

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