Benji Gets Buff; You Can Too

I’ve written about driver health before but this great article over at FleetOwner was good enough that I knew I needed to revisit the topic.

Benji Burns at one point weighed roughly 350 lbs. As a tanker truck driver, he had trouble getting up and down off his rig. He told himself one day, “You’re going to die, and you’re going to let a spoon and a fork kill you.”

Are you too heavy? Here are 4 simple tips you can follow to get to a healthier you:

  1. Skip the processed food (fresh produce is much healthier).
  2. Serve yourself smaller portions (even while working out, it’s hard to drop weight while continuing to eat a lot).
  3. Walk or exercise 30 minutes a day 4+ times a week (one can be thin and not be “in shape” we need to have our heart and lungs working well, working out strengthens those muscles).
  4. Cut out or dramatically cut back sodas (sugar-sodas have too many calories, and diet sodas retard your metabolism; the less soda the better).

Way to go Benji! Keep up with your fitness goals and progress! You can do it too.

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