Autonomous Truck Fleets; A Not-So-Distant Reality?

Commercial Carrier Journal’s Jack Roberts penned an excellent piece of fiction about what the future may hold for the trucking industry.

In his piece, Roberts profiles an automated truck as it pulls into a truck-yard terminal for some maintenance and servicing before being quickly sent back out on the road for more work.

One interesting tidbit in this article is that the technician is still needed, while the driver has been made obsolete.

Roberts concludes by writing,

The entire turnaround time from entering the fleet terminal the night before to heading out again with a fully-loaded trailer has taken less than 7 hours; the longest time the truck has been at rest in more than 3 months: a rare break in the life of a constantly-moving autonomous truck.

All in all, Roberts’ article is interesting and informative. What do you think, is this fiction a future reality?

Thanks for reading.

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