Capitol Christmas Tree Delivery & Lighting Highlights Safe Industry

Taking a break from the heavier politically relevant items that affect our industry (no pun intended), here is a fun, whimsical story about our industry.

John Schank hauled the Capitol Christmas Tree from Tacoma, WA to Washington, D.C. The 74’ Lutz spruce was cut down in Alaska and shipped via boat to Tacoma where Schank took over. The tree arrived in D.C. on Nov. 20 and was lit by House Speaker Paul Ryan (R – Wisc.) on Dec. 2.

Schank was previously awarded Alaska’s “Driver of the Year” in 2014. He has driven more than 5 million miles – all without incident. Schank is a wonderful example of how tractor-trailers are not inherently dangerous. In fact, most truck drivers’ accident rates are far better; safer than that of the average driver. Kudos to Schank for a job well done and an admirable and safe career.

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