Senate Democrats Highlight Consumer and Highway Safety Rollbacks

Back on Nov. 6, this blog posted that the House bill, The STRR Act, was making allowances that seemed to oppose its goal of maintaining highway safety.

This blog wasn’t created to highlight political activities exclusively, but as we’re heading toward congress’ traditional Thanksgiving shutdown many items on their “to-do” lists, such as highway/transportation bills, are getting done quickly. And we want to make sure due diligence is being followed.

As the House and Senate have moved their bills, The STRR Act and The DRIVE Act, respectively, to “Committee” to iron out the differences, we need to make sure things don’t move so quickly that problems are not unresolved.

On that note, it is good to see Senate Democrats highlighting the rollback of consumer protection and highway safety. While my natural political tendency is to lean right, the Republicans on these issues are caving to big business at the expense of consumers and small businesses. The irony here is both Republicans and Democrats highlight small business growth as the vehicle that will lead economic progress. And both parties have done a lot to hamper that growth. This time it’s the GOP.

Contact your representative and make sure they know your concerns about these bills.

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