Slowdown? What Slowdown, We Need Drivers!

Both The Journal of Commerce and the Commercial Carriers Journal reported today on the industry slowdown. James Jaillet wrote, “Average per-mile rates on the spot market again dove in all three major truckload segments in October, according to monthly rate data from Truckstop.com.” And, “This is the third straight month all three segments have seen a decline in their national averages. Rates have been trending down since hitting record highs last summer.”

William B. Cassidy, meanwhile, said that industry analysts are, “…reporting ‘adequate’ and even excess capacity in U.S. trucking markets…”

Yet despite the slowdown, experts still see an industry need for more drivers.

The recent drop in freight demand and lowered expectations for the U.S. recovery may temporarily check the growth of that shortage. But qualified drivers are getting harder to find.


That shortage of experienced truck drivers will grow as those drivers retire and the regulatory and professional requirements imposed on truck drivers get tighter, the [American Trucking Association] said.

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