Real Increases in Highway Safety

I’ve written previously about our government’s attempts to increase safety and the measures they have taken that may or may not actually improve safety. So I want to take this time and space to applaud Danella Companies for the efforts and expense that they’ve put forth to accomplish actual safety gains. Kudos!

For real, long-term safety gains that will be result in fewer accident, less severe bodily harm in accidents, and fewer highway deaths, companies and consumers will have to take the lead and vote with their pocketbooks. Increased safety will not be free. Consumers vote every day whether they want the cheapest or the most socially responsible. Until they (we) vote more consistently in the direction of social responsibility, companies will resist government mandates that create un-level playing fields, that have unclearly forecasted results, and that look simply counterproductive.

Again, my hat is off to Danella. I hope this helps their bottom line as well.

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