“You Cannot Legislate Morality”

…Or so the saying goes. The reason why people argue on that subject, is that on the one hand, you can create rules or laws that set a certain standard. And enforce those rules. But on the other hand, even while attaining compliance, the rule-makers have not necessarily changed the beliefs of the population they are imposing the rules upon.

So what does this have to do with freight? Steve Banker penned a piece at Forbes.com where he argues about whether you should trust a broker or shipper to handle your freight. No offense to Mr. Banks, but it’s a worthless argument. It’s like the argument about whether or not you can legislate morality. Both sides of the argument have valid points. The key is, find a representative you trust, whether they are a brokerage or a shipper, and work with them (disclaimer: we are both a broker and a carrier).

If you’re looking for a shipping or brokerage vendor you can trust, please give us a call and see what Zion can do for you.

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