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Zion offers you the best possible rates and capacity with their unmatched service. Whether it’s a long haul or just from one side of town to another, Zion is your premier provider for full truck load transportation!

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Zion Transport is one of the leading shipping companies with headquarters based in San Diego, CA. With an experience of nearly two decades, our diverse, woman-owned business is at the forefront of the shipping industry because we service all 52 states by road, rail, air, and sea and have over 50 contractors across the country.

Whether your shipments are nationwide or regional, we ensure that anything you need shipped gets transported as efficiently, cost-effectively, safely, securely and quickly as possible with our customized transport solutions.

FTL Freight Solutions

Finding full truck load partners with a nationwide capacity and competitive rates has never been easier. You have access to industry-leading support, as well as experts that understand the intricacies of freight transportation. Stop quoting and monitoring shipments on your own; let Zion Transport simplify it for you!

FTL Freight Solutions

Zion Transport is your one stop for all of the freight and logistics needs. We work with thousands of carriers to get you access across different types, sizes and modes so that we can help maximize truckload capacity while ensuring superior efficiency!


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Flatbed freight forms an integral part of the shipping industry because of its ability to transport heavy-duty equipment efficiently. At Zion Transport, we realize your heavy-duty equipment is a valuable asset to your business. Therefore, we only use the strongly-built, well-maintained Flatbeds to transport your commodities that can weigh up to 12,000 pounds.

Dry Van

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A dry van is one of the oldest, most significant shipment modes used in the transportation industry. They are indispensable to the global retail and consumer industry since nearly all non-perishable goods rely on dry vans for transportation. Our 53′ dry vans are used to ship manufactured goods, household goods, cleaning commodities, and automotive equipment.


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Refrigerated Trucks are crucial to the modern shipping industry. It is more important now than ever to conveniently ship perishable goods, including pharmaceuticals, food & chemicals, over long distances without having to worry about their perishability or loss. Zion Transport has adopted a streamlined refrigerated transportation process that allows us to deliver goods on time, specifically as they are demanded.


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We provide same-day, overnight and expedited transportation services to our clients for their urgent needs. Running a retail business calls for ensuring that shipments reach their destination as soon as needed, and our expedited transportation services guarantee that. We value your business and realize the importance of a reliable shipping carrier that can fulfill your last-minutes demands.

Heavy Haul

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Working with one of the most trusted and experienced heavy haul carriers guarantees you will never have to fret about the safety of your heavy equipment. At Zion Transport, our team is trained to handle heavy-duty equipment efficiently, ensuring it is not damaged at any cost. Our experienced heavy haul drivers perform all necessary pre-trip checks to ensure the vehicle carrying up to 34,000 pounds runs smoothly.

The Staff at Zion Transport are awesome.  Their team has really helped our business succeed and reduce significant overhead costs.  Anytime we need some hand holding on our shipments or a problem arises, they are there to make sure it is taken care of!

Madison Ortiz

Great customer service. Received a call the day before to ask if there were any special instructions. Received a call one hour before shipment arrived. Driver was courteous and professional. Did a great job unloading where I needed him to. I would highly recommend Zion Transport!

Samantha Carter

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