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Some Monday Morning Love for Volvo Trucks

Written by Peter Friberg.

Volvo Trucks has been one of the big gainers in U.S. trucking market share since the 1980s when they acquired White. Through mergers, partnerships, and/or acquisitions, Volvo now controls Mack Trucks, Renault Trucks, and UD Trucks. But what is really interesting – and, frankly, kind-of fun, is their promotions are so good. I’ve linked one of their YouTube videos before (and I’ll link it again) but their new video is link-worthy as well.

Zig or Zag; Is Your Business Short or Long-Term Focused?

Written by Peter Friberg.

I once watched a video profile of an NFL broadcaster where he talked about his investment strategy. He didn’t get very in depth, but he provided one interesting gem. He said that whenever he found a stock he liked and had bought, that once that stock made headlines, he sold it. The thinking, he said, that once a stock has become that main-stream; that well-known, its downfall was soon to follow.

When the market “zigged,” he “zagged.”

Nikola One Puts Truck Manufactures on Notice

Written by Peter Friberg.

A few years ago the auto industry was fumbling about with electric car technology, wondering why people would want unattractive cars with limited range and little functionality. Then Tesla came along and flipped the industry on its head.

Tesla has done with electric vehicle manufacturing what Nikola wants to do in the truck manufacturing world.

Are Truck Manufacturers Putting Profits ahead of Safety?

Written by Peter Friberg.

I am a big fan of companies that do the right thing even when they don’t have to. Conversely I get annoyed at companies – particularly automakers/truck builders who save pennies at the expense of significant safety or even aesthetic improvements.

Friday’s post by Jason Cannon (CCJDigital.com) talks about the advantages of LED headlights and the fact that despite many truck manufacturers using LED lighting inside the cabin, very few make the obvious safety feature a standard feature for their trucks. Some do, however, make it an extra cost option.

"...For the People..." Really?

Written by Peter Friberg.

“…Of the people, by the people, for the people…” These great words from Pres. Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address have been a foundational hallmark of American government for more than 150 years. But apparently the FMCSA doesn’t think they apply to them.

A group of 36 members in the U.S. House have sent a letter to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s top dog, Acting Administrator Scott Darling, urging him and his agency to halt work on its new Safety Fitness Determination carrier rating system pending the FAST Act-required reforms to the Compliance, Safety, Accountability program.

Is DOT Pro Small Business?

Written by Peter Friberg.

The United States Department of Transportation (DOT) earned an “A+” rating from the federal government’s Small Business Procurement Scorecard. It was one of only three department to earn such a rating. Surprisingly, to me, this is the seventh consecutive year the department has earned this rating.

Experienced Drivers; Expense or Asset?

Written by Peter Friberg.

I was in the car sales industry for a few years. And we used to joke that the hiring process basically amounted to a pulse-check…. “Let me see…yep, good pulse, you’re hired.” And unfortunately that seems to be the direction many big trucking companies are going.

The Big Fish & the Little Fish

Written by Peter Friberg.

The Great Divide…in the trucking industry you’ve got the big boys and you’ve got the little guys.

The big boys would love to have a larger market share and so they support regulations that are potentially expensive because every little fish that can’t stay ahead of the big fish gets eaten.

FMCSA Hosts Roundtable to Discuss Bad Brokers

Written by Peter Friberg.

The FMCSA is holding a roundtable to discuss, “property broker’s and freight forwarder’s ability to meet their payment obligations to carriers,” as CCJDigital.com reports.

This is a big issue. Freight brokers are a dime a dozen. When I talk with perspective customers about utilizing our carrier/brokerage services I am frequently met by outward hostility. And it’s understandable. In any business when the barriers to entry are too low, it allows people to get into the business and make a mess without having the ability to clean it up. And in our industry there are far too many bad brokerages.

That’s why we take pride, here at Zion Transport, in going the extra mile…not just for our customers, but for our drivers. We understand that it is the drivers who shake our customers’ hands and the hands of their (your) customers. It is the drivers we are all relying upon to deliver the goods on time. It is the drivers who are taking on the physical risks of driving alongside under-trained, inexperienced drivers (the vast majority of truck drivers drive much safer than those of us in passenger vehicles, but that’s another story). And as such the drivers deserve all the respect and all the assistance we can aford them.

So as a carrier/brokerage who is doing things the right way, we welcome the scrutiny in our industry. When the “bad guys” are swept aside, we’ll still be standing here ready to serve our customers and ready to work with some of the most professional men and women in the country.

If you need a carrier/brokerage you can trust, please give Zion a call today.

Thanks for reading.

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